Yiannis has pioneered research, design and development of frequency selective surfaces for communication systems, Metamaterials and low SAR antennas for mobile telephony and has commercially exploited a number of his innovations.

Alastair is Professor in Metamaterial Physics. In 2004 he was awarded a prestigious EPSRC Advanced Fellowship to design and characterise a wide range of photonic microstructured devices for use a­t microwave frequencies. Today he is co-director of the EPSRC CDT in Metamaterials, has strong industrial links, and his current research has diversified to include similar concepts with sound and fluid flow. 

Programme Manager: Dr Darren Cadman

Darren has worked in the electronics and manufacturing sector for over 20years. He gained his PhD in electromagnetic bandage structures for microstrip before working for Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd. While at Filtronic he began to develop his managerial and commercial skill set to augment his technical background. Within the Programme Manager role he coordinates the delivery activities of Symeta while also seeking out strategic opportunities to enhance the consortium's capability.

Project Engineer: Position vacant


Roy is a Professor of Experimental Physics and President of the Institute of Physics. His past research is extensive and has included: surface plasmons; liquid crystal optics and iridescent butterfly wings. His work now centres on the interaction of microwaves and sound with metamaterials and metasurfaces. He is Director of the EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials XM2.

Chris's research interests include metamaterial devices, ultrafast electonics and communications.

Will is a Senior Lecturer in Electronic Materials Integration in the Centre for Wireless Communications Group whose current research interests include antennas; electromagnetics; artificial dielectrics; nanomaterials; wearable antennas, heterogeneous substrates, VHF antennas; specific absorption rates (SAR); FDTD; Pulsed Power and 3D printing and ink-jet printing. 

The main theme of Ian´s research is the use of analytical and high resolution transmission electron microscopy to study the structure and microstructure of electroceramics.

Professor Bala Vaidhyanathan, Loughborough University

Vaidhy is Professor of Advanced Materials and Processing. 

Daniel's interests are in developing new Additive Manufacturing technologies for nanoscale structures; multi-material printing; and hybrid additive manufacturing. Daniel is also Loughborough University's Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Additive Manufacturing.

Yang currently leads a £4.6M EPSRC QUEST programme grant on transformation electromagnetics and microwave metamaterials. He is a management board member of Cambridge Graphene Center. He has developed several fully-integrated antenna solutions based on novel artificial materials to reduce mutual RF interference, weight, cost and system complexity for security, aerospace and healthcare. 

Ekaterina is Professor of Engineering Science researching in metamaterials, electrodynamics, plasmonics, nanophotonics and microwave optics.

Paul is Dean of the School Wolfson School of Mechnical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Professor of Manufacturing Processes and Director of the EPSRC funded Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre.


Dr Andrea Vallecchi, University of Oxford

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Andrea is working with colleagues in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. His research interests include the theoretical modelling and design of metamaterials, metasurfaces, and metamaterial-inspired antennas for applications at microwaves, THz, and optical frequencies.

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Thanos is a Research Associate in Manufacturing of 3D Metamaterials. His current research interests are: additive manufacturing/3D printing; laser processing; process development; metamaterials; ceramics and material characterisation.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Anu works within Loughborough University's School of Materials, researching and optimising ceramic based slurry formulations for extrusion based 3D printing.

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

George works within Loughborough University's School of Materials, researching and optimising ceramic based slurry formulations for extrusion based 3D printing.

Dr Daiwei Wang, University of Sheffield

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

An accomplished materials scientist, Dawei will be working alongside Professor Ian Reaney at the University of Sheffield. 

Dr Gareth Ward, University of Exeter

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Gareth works with Professor Roy Sambles and Professor Alastair Hibbins. He obtained his Doctorate researching the design and manufacture of Acoustic Metamaterials. His work focussed on the importance of accounting for thermodynamic boundary layer effects, and the characterisation of structures that support air-based trapped acoustic surface waves.

Dr Shiyu Zhang, Loughborough University

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Shiyu completed his PhD on wearable textile antennas at Loughborough University. His most recent research focused on synthetic materials and metamaterials. His research interests are in basic antennas, wearable flexible antennas & electronic systems, RF & microwave devices, metamaterials, artificial dielectrics, lens antennas, and 3D printed antennas.

DPhil Student

Son Chu's current research interests include electromagnetic shielding, magnetoinductive waveguides, and metamaterials in communications in RF-challenging environments. The title of his project is 'Near field communications in conductive media'.

PhD Student

After finishing a degree in Physics at the University of Seville, Julia is undertaking a PhD on 'Exploration of beam shaping at microwave frequencies using metasurfaces and metamaterials' at the University of Exeter working alongside Professors Sambles and Hibbins.

PhD Student

Reza is undertaking a PhD in Additive Manufacturing of 3D Metamaterials. His current research interests are: additive manufacturing/3D printing; micro fabrication; laser processing; process development; metamaterials; ceramics and material characterisation.

PhD Student

Avishek is based in the Department of Materials at Loughborough University. Originally from India, Avishek's research interest are based about additive manufacturing technologies. The title of his PhD is 'Processing materials for 3D printing of metamaterial structures.'

PhD Student

Pavel works with Professor Roy Sambles and Professor Alastair Hibbins on the project titled ‘Design and characterisation of 3D metamaterials fabricated using additive manufacturing.’ His current research interests include broadband 2D and 3D metamaterials and metamaterial antenna applications.

Tom Whittaker, Loughborough University

PhD Student

Tom recently started his PhD 'Metamaterial characterisation for microwave circuits' under the supervision of Prof Vardaxoglou and Dr Whittow.


David provides Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Technical support to the Symeta Project. He has a background in Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) as well as conventional manufacture.

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