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Principal Investigators:

Prof Yiannis Vardaxoglou, Loughborough University

Prof Will Whittow, Loughborough University



Prof Roy Sambles, University of Exeter

Prof Alastair Hibbins, University of Exeter

Prof Paul Conway, Loughborough University

Dr Daniel Engstrom, Loughborough University

Prof Bala Vaidhyanathan, Loughborough University

Prof Ekaterina Shaminova, University of Oxford

Prof Chris Stevens, University of Oxford

Prof Yang Hao, Queen Mary University London

Prof Ian Reaney, University of Sheffield


Research and Management throughout the Programme:

University of Exeter:

Dr Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas

Dr Gareth Ward

Dr Alexander Powell 

Dr Ewan Finlayson

David Osuna Ruiz


Loughborough University:

Dr Darren Cadman

Kate Clift

Dr Shiyu Zhang 

Dr Thanos Goulas

Dr Jack McGee

Dr George Chi-Tangyie

Dr Anu Ketharam

Dr Tom Whittaker 


University of Oxford:

Dr Andrea Vallecchi


Queen Mary University London:

Dr Qiao Cheng

Dr Benjamin Vial

Dr Ning Liu

Dr Luigi La Spada


University of Sheffield:

Dr Dawei Wang

Dr Michael Thomson


PhD Students:

Dr Tom Whittaker, Loughborough University 

Reza Gheisari, Loughborough University 

Pavel Petrov, University of Exeter

Julia De Pineda Gutiérrez, University of Exeter

Ioannis Spanos, University of Oxford

Shan (son) Chu, University of Oxford

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