SYMETA Research

Research Strategy

SYMETA officially began on 1st March 2016. Our focus is to create novel, multi-functional 3D Metamaterials using emerging additive manufacturing techniques. We are compiling a 'palette' of meta-atoms (the basic building blocks of metamaterials) and then organising these systematically to ensure that the metamaterials demonstrate the required properties.

Our research was focused into two complementary, interlinked and dependent work streams:

  1. Addressing the problems posed by 3D multi-meta-atom fabrication.

  2. Developing a suitable range of base additive layer materials from which meta-materials can be made. 

  3. Modelling, designing and fabricating meta-atoms with metal, dielectric and magnetic inclusions and, fabricating and characterising test samples with a range of electromagnetic properties.

  4. Fabricating metamaterials using additive manufacturing and measuring their performance.

  5. Using additive manufacturing techniques to scale the primary components into devices.

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