SYMETA working with industry

SYMETA's research is already attracting the interest of industrial collaborators with twelve companies engaged with the project and others getting in touch as the word spreads. If our research resonates with your company's interests and you would like to engage with SYMETA then please get in touch. Companies engage with SYMETA in a variety of ways and often collaborations develop over time and are bespoke to the company's areas of interest. We are always happy to talk

Below are just some examples of the kind of collaborations which can happen:

  • Collaborative research either company funded or by third parties such as Innovate UK

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) a UK-wide programme that has been helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills residing within UK universities.

  • Co-hosting of conferences and workshops

  • Secondments

  • IP licensing

  • Consultancy and access to equipment

  • Student placements and projects