Functional Materials for a Sustainable Future at the University of Sheffield

SYMETA collaborators the University of Sheffield are hosting a workshop to explore recent developments in functional materials, particularly electroceramics, with a view to mapping out future challenges that industry face in this area. The workshop takes place on the 15th May and is free to attend. Following the link for online bookings. The agenda is:

10:00 Coffee and registration

10:30 Sustainable Functional Materials - an industry perspective - Dr Jonathan Booth, Johnson Matthey

10:50 Field assisted processing of functional ceramics - new opportunities - Prof Michael Reece, QMUL/Nanoforce

11:05 Dial a ceramic: Charging ahead with modelling - Dr Julian Dean, University of Sheffield

11:20 Hybrid Life Cycle Analysis - How sustainable is sustainable? - Prof Lenny Koh, University of Sheffield

11:35 Coffee

11:55 Magnetocalorics - it’s a cool science - Dr Nicola Morley, University of Sheffield

12:15 Materials modelling - a lab on a silicon chip! - Dr Colin Freeman, University of Sheffield

12:30 New Classes of Functional Materials to Enhance Battery and Supercapacitor Performance - Prof Peter Hall, University of Sheffield

12:45 Lunch including posters

13:45 Opportunities and Challenges in the Solar Industry - Chris Moore, Dyesol

14:05 Development of perovskite-based thermoelectric oxides - Prof. Derek Sinclair, University of Sheffield

14:20 Biotemplating complex oxides: the shape of things to come - Dr Rebecca Boston, University of Sheffield

14:35 Future challenges in materials: beyond 5G - Prof. Ian Reaney, University of Sheffield

14:50 Functional polymer nano-composites: An organic future - Dr Biqiong Chen, University of Sheffield

15:10 Coffee

15:20 Future Challenges and funding opportunites- KTPs, ICASE, CASE Conversion, Innovate UK, EPSRC, IAA - Dr Neil Lowrie/Prof Ian Reaney

16:05 Close

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