Oxford Institute for Metamaterials Engineering, Technology and Applications

SYMETA's partners at the University of Oxford are members of the OxiMETA Institute which focuses on the future development of meta-technologies covering a wide range of scales and frequencies, and with the realisation of end-products including Medical applications, Optical technologies and Instrumentation.

The Institute is a platform for collaboration and less formal interactions between researchers interested in incorporating metamaterial structures in future technologies and both in exploring the basic physics of novel meta-structured composites and in using meta-devices. A calendar of activities and workshops is establishing.

The Institute hopes to initiate joint research involving analysis, synthesis, design, manufacturing, characterisation and optimisation, driven by the prospect of arriving at novel devices (e.g. capable of super-directive manipulation of the electromagnetic waves suitable for medical imaging applications, both for diagnostic and therapeutic use).

To learn more about the work of the Institute and for information about future events see: http://www.eng.ox.ac.uk/metamaterials

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