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Are you looking for an challenging, interesting PhD opportunity within a lovely team? If so, we are currently inviting applications for a Loughborough University funded PhD studentship starting in October 2016.

You will join SYMETA’s team on the EPSRC’s £4million Grand Challenge project investigating the use, design and additive manufacture (AM) of metamaterials for high frequency electronics. This is a significant and exciting opportunity to join research involving world-leading academics led by Loughborough University in collaboration with Exeter, Oxford, Queen Mary’s and Sheffield Universities. Introducing novel metamaterial structures into electronic design offers a radical way of designing and manufacturing electronics. The metamaterials SYMETA develops will deliver end-users their required EM response, for communication, electronics and defence applications. The meta-atoms comprising the metamaterial will be micro-scale, i.e. small compared to the operating wavelength, and fabricated from new and existing materials, including the incorporation of dielectric, metallic and magnetic components. They will facilitate complex multi-component systems, incorporating elements such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors through to transmission lines, matching circuits and filters, created in hybrid and multi-system AM – reducing waste, cost and timescales. This opportunity, combining Metamaterials and AM will involve you with enabling state-of-the-art materials processing and future communications technologies. You will use existing materials synthesis, characterisation and processing methodologies whilst developing and assessing bespoke printing and processing techniques to fabricate multi-component ceramic/metal/polymer-based metamaterials. You will work with materials that have never been printed before producing unprecedented structures across length scales from centimetres to micrometres. Our project partners will design novel communications devices that will be realised by you using novel material formulations and AM. We seek a highly motivated individual with micro and nanostructured ceramic materials fabrication skills and knowledge of AM processes and characterisation of new materials and printed structures. Preferably candidates will also have experience in making ceramic formulations, rheological characterisation of ceramic suspensions and materials characterisation techniques such as SEM, TEM, XRD. Experience with CAD drawing is beneficial. Further details can be found at www.findaphd.com or just get in touch and we would be happy to hear from you.

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