In 2015, EPSRC identified four nationally important Engineering Grand Challenges: 
  1. Sustainable engineering solutions to provide water for all.
  2. Future cities: engineering approaches that restore the balance between engineering and natural systems.
  3. Engineering across length scales, from atoms to applications.
  4. Identifying risk and building in resilience into engineered systems.

SYMETA's  proposal to synthesize 3D metamaterials for RF, microwave and THz applications was funded. SYMETA will:


  • Synthesize a palette of 3D meta-atoms using suitable materials

  • Construct designer-specified 3D arrangements of meta-atoms using process efficient additive manufacturing to create metamaterials

  • Build demonstrators for applications at RF, microwave and THz frequency ranges

  • Build and share a cohort of new knowledge by bringing together multi-disciplinary expertise from academia and industry 

  • Engage industry, professional bodies and the wider academic community so that the research's potential is recognised and realised

  • Translate and condense the exciting science to key messages to boost the public understanding of complex science